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WRR101 Focus on the Arts: An evening of American music and apple pie with PHPC

“If you want to hear really great music that you know and love, this is a concert that you don’t want to miss,” says Steve Jobman, Artistic Director of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church’s music ministry. The church’s upcoming Americana concert featuring choir, orchestra, organ, and bell choir will be a mix of American classical, film… Read more »

WRR101 Focus on the Arts: A bright future ahead for the Greater Dallas Choral Society

You may also know the Greater Dallas Choral Society (GDCS) by its previous name – The Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas. A couple of years ago, the artistic staff of CCGD and most of the singers reorganized under the new name, but are continuing the 25-year legacy of CCGD. WRR’s Amy Bishop visited with Kimberley… Read more »

WRR101 Focus on the Arts: Christmas with the Orpheus Chamber Singers

“Whenever I’m asked about this Christmas tradition, I kind of light up, because it’s such an important one – certainly to Orpheus – but it’s a hugely important one in our community,” says J.D. Burnett, Artistic Director for Dallas-based Orpheus Chamber Singers. Their annual Christmas program has been a beloved tradition for North Texans for… Read more »

Verdigris concert combines AI with music to advocate for Texas’ endangered species

“We want to inspire action,” says Sam Brukhman, founder and Artistic Director of Dallas-based Verdigris Ensemble. “And that action, in this particular case, is the conservation of our ecosystem and how important our environment is within the context of the City of Dallas – and what we need to do to be able to preserve… Read more »