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WRR101 Focus on the Arts: Meet TACA’s 2024 Silver Cup Award Recipients

Every year since 1979, TACA has honored two individuals for their outstanding volunteer leadership and contributions to the arts in North Texas with the TACA Silver Cup Award. Past recipients have included Mrs. Eugene McDermott, Stanley Marcus, Bill Winspear, Raymond Nasher, Nancy Nasher, Gene Jones, and numerous others. This year, Sharon Young and Steve Penrose... Read more »

8 Tracks: Life’s a mess, then it’s over

In Jim White’s drumming, there’s a restless wonder. On this 8 Tracks, we lead off with a sprawling rocker by his band Dirty Three, but also feature new music by Chappell Roan and Amber Mark.

WRR101 Focus on the Arts: How the DSO is attracting young professionals to the concert hall

“This is the one show where I actually have the worst seat in the house, because my back is to everything that’s actually happening,” says Enrico Lopez-Yanez, Principal Conductor of the Dallas Symphony Presents Series. He’ll be leading the live orchestra in a performance with the spellbinding acrobatics of Troupe Vertigo in three concerts –... Read more »

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