Emilio Alvarez joins WRR as Classical Music Director and Host

KERA and WRR are excited to welcome Emilio Alvarez as Classical Music Director & Host on WRR 101.1 FM. In his role, Alvarez will help build WRR’s music library to reflect and serve the diverse North Texas classical music audience and create opportunities for audiences to deepen their connection to classical music and the arts.

“I’m so excited for this opportunity,” says Alvarez. “WRR has an incredible legacy spanning over 100 years, and I’m so thrilled to help build its future and serve our North Texas community.”

“The search for WRR’s new Music Director has been extensive,” says Kurt Rongey, Assistant Program Director of WRR. “We took considerable time and effort to find someone with extensive musical knowledge, a fresh approach to bringing repertoire to radio and an understanding of the arts and music culture of our state. Emilio is that person. We’re excited for audiences to discover not only the refinement he brings to the playlists, but the commitment he has to connecting with listeners in North Texas.”

Alvarez joins WRR after spending the last five years at KMFA in Austin, and before that, KRTU in San Antonio. He has also spent the last decade flying aerial cameras for events and programs including the Super Bowl, Fixer Upper, Paul McCartney concerts and more. A lifelong cellist, Alvarez brings a community-minded focus to WRR, as well as a commitment to supporting the arts and culture of our region through music.

Based on his expertise in programming music for culturally diverse audiences, in 2022 Emilio was selected to consult for a study conducted by radio stations across the country called “Taking Another Listen.” In the study, he urges classical radio stations, especially, to continually reconsider how they can better serve their communities as a whole.

“Public radio should accurately represent the cultural growth within the community it serves,” says Alvarez. “As the culture grows and evolves, so should the music.”

Listeners can look forward to hearing Alvarez host The Homestretch, from 3 to 7 p.m. beginning July 31. Also starting July 31, two other WRR hosts will expand their weekend on-air presence: David Ginder will host the Saturday Evening Concert, from 8 p.m. to midnight, and the Sunday Evening Concert, 7 p.m. to midnight. And longtime host Nikki Velonis will host Saturday Classical and Sunday Classical, weekends from 1 to 6 p.m.